The EPF was created on 31st May 2023 after 4 months of preparatory work.

This not-for-profit association, based at the heart of Europe in Luxembourg, aims to bring together all the national associations that promote Pickleball in a European country.

Although an attempt had been made to form a European Federation previously, sadly the Covid years intervened and ended the initiative.

The EPF in its current form was born of the desire of several European countries to push for the creation of a single, democratic world federation.

They quickly realised that Europe had to lead by example and democratically bring together all the countries interested in representing their interests in the single world federation that would eventually emerge.

An impressive number (25 countries at the time of its formation) have joined the EPF with the vision of developing and supporting Pickleball in Europe with a number of common, well structured  initiatives including rankings, training, refereeing and competition programmes.